Let’s Address Some Misconceptions With PCOS….

Did you know, you technically don’t have to have ovarian cysts to be diagnosed with PCOS? This is one of the common misconceptions with PCOS. However, if you are experiencing pelvic pain, this could be an indicator of ovarian cysts.This that irritating? No wonder why 70% of women are diagnosed incorrectly.

Irregular or missed periods is the biggest symptom with PCOS that is overlooked. Women should keep a journal, calendar or tracker app that allows them to track their periods. This is another medical mystery that leads to different diagnoses, not just PCOS.

Do you ever feel like you cannot control your emotions? You feel joyful one second and livid the next? With PCOS, your hormones are not at the levels they need to be. Some hormones are too low and some are too high. This isn’t just from you being on birth control or the other excuses your doctors tell you. You can’t help it, it is your hormones and it doesn’t help when your doctor puts you on birth control to add more hormones into your hormone mess?

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