Indoor Light Paining Photography

If you are looking for opportunities to know your camera on a personal level, light painting is the best way to learn how to use your camera and the proper settings. Not only are you learning your settings in the dark, you get to paint your object and highlight what features you want captured! It is an awesome form of photography. Some tips that I learned, don’t shine the light on certain objects for too long. White objects absorb the light a lot easier than darker objects.  Use a tripod and get a unique angle. 

How to do indoor light painting: 


Tripod:  Always use a tripod
Manual Mode:  Baseline Settings: ISO 200; f/11;  30″
Focus:  With the lights on, use autofocus to lock focus, then turn lens focus to M.
Level:  Check to see if the camera is level. Timer: Turn on your timer to 5 or 10 seconds and get in place.


Strokes:  Paint in strokes of light to reveal your scene.

Adjust as you go. Move your camera in a unique placement to get a different perspective. Highlight parts of the object that illustrate a story.