Creative Movie Poster Re-Make

Growing up, I only had brothers. I never knew what it was like to live with other females besides my mother. With that said, when I went to college, living with females was another huge adjustment that I had to make. With roommates, you love some of them and can’t get along with some of them…kind of like siblings. Besides the small arguments that all roommates have, I have grown super close with my roommate. I decided to create my own version of “Step-Brothers”. In this Movie Poster, my roommate and I dressed up as dorky as we could and recreated out version of “Step-Brothers”. With a tripod, we took this picture outside before the sunset. There were multiple failures while taking this photo. I used a free use background and edited the background to somewhat match the “Step-Brothers” poster. With some free fonts from “”, I created my own Movie Poster.