At Home Studio Shoot

Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, I always see these AMAZING, creative, make-up tutorials. I could spend hours watching these videos. I have always wanted to do something crazy and creative with make-up just like all these make-up divas. Yesterday, while watching a couple of these videos, my roommates and I decided to create our own creative make-up style and capture it. However, we ran into a problem. We didn’t have a studio to take pictures of the creative make-up.

That is when I created my own “At Home Studio”. By creating this, I first had to find a plain wall. Once I moved furniture around, I created a decent space for my models to move around in. After moving furniture, I set up one speed light and one back-light. It took a couple times to adjust my models and the lights so there were not as many shadows on my models. This made the perfect at home studio and worked perfectly for the look I wanted to capture.

Lastly, I had my models do a variation of poses. I wanted a variety of poses to see which pose best suited the model and their create make-up. Portraits are my favorite form of photography because I can showcase my models personality through a picture.

Check out a couple of my favorite pictures that I got yesterday!

Creative Portrait Photography Creative Portrait Photography Creative Portrait Photography

As you can tell from these pictures, she has so many freckles! To bring out her freckles, I edited my picture in Lightroom and increased the “textures”. I love the way these turned out and how I was able to capture her beautiful freckles along with her other features.

Creative Portrait Photography Creative Portrait Photography

I love this creative, spunky make-up that helps bring out this models personality! I love the colors that help her featured POP!

Creative Portrait Photography Creative Portrait Photography Creative Portrait Photography

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