Believe it or not, I took these pictures in a well lite room, in the middle of the day! This is a simple technique to get a clean background. I like using this for professional portraits. You can adjust the lights and add or subtract lights and move them around to help expose the models face.


These portraits always turn out to be my favorite. Here’s how I accomplished capturing these pictures.

These were tips my professor, Caryn Esplin, taught the class.


  • Set up your camera with an
    • ISO 100, 1/200, F/22 for outside or F/8 for inside, flash white balance
  • Speedlight
    • You want off camera lighting that creates a triangle from you, your subject, and the light, be sure your trigger is charged and ready to go
  • Adjustable snoot
    • Create a “snoot” with your flash bender to funnel the light
    • Adjust the opening as needed
    • Change the power on the flash or adjust the exposure


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