OS-ES (Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary Shot)

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” – Edmund Hillary

Some of the most beautiful photographs are those that have a unique perspective. Get down low, stand on something tall. Capture an object in a unique way. I love searching for surrounding beauty that can easily be overlooked. As we were at the Tetons, there was so much beauty surrounding me. I took the time to look at the same things such as the trees, leaves, snow and bushes that added to the beauty around me. To get pictures such as these, find everyday objects. Think of how you have normally seen these photographed. Think outside the box and capture that image in a different perspective. For example, take a picture of a tree by lying underneath it or looking through the branches. These simple tactics make your pictures stand out from the other photographers around you!

Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary Shot Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary Shot

Setting depend on where you are shooting and the light accessible. Adjust as you go.

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