Create something tangible that will set you apart from others in this industry!

In this industry, you are competing with millions of others. Everyone has their own style and their own skill set that sets them apart from each other. For my personal, tangible item, I will be creating business cards. Now, when you are handed business cards, they normally sit at the bottom of your bag or you use them for a gum wrapper. That is why I wanted to create something unique and different which reflects my brand and how I am as a creator!


First off, to land a job in this creative field, you need to identify what your branding and your “look” is. For myself, I choice to do creative colors that reflect Arizona since that is where I grew up. Take a look at my Branding Guide:

Branding Guide

As you can see from my Branding Guide, I have set a standard for myself as a creator.


Secondly, create something that is different from the other creators around you. DON’T HAND THEM A BASIC BUSINESS CARD. I feel like everyone has the same logo these days. So, I decided to combine the styles that I liked and create my own logo. My logo is different and will stand out from the other creators around me.

Whitney Boone Business Card Example

In addition, while marketing yourself, you want to give a potential client or employer something tangible to set yourself apart from the other creators. I created these unique business cards to help set me apart. As you can see, there are different fonts that catch your attention along with a different color that many wouldn’t use in this industry because orange isn’t a popular color.

Lastly, create more that one thing to help market yourself. I have my blog, business cards and social media accounts to help market myself. In addition, for this personal style project, I wanted to create a unique business card that would completely set me apart. From the second I hand out this business card, I want it to grab their attention.

For this project, I researched the different, UNIQUE, tangible business cards that could help set me apart in this industry. On acrylic, I will be using a laser to etch my business card! The final product will look like this but with my business card design.


Get creative TODAY and creative something that sets you apart from the others in this industry!

Check out my next post to see the finished product.