Capturing Long Exposure Photography can be difficult.

Let’s tackle it together.

It is all about knowing your camera settings and having a good set-up and a creative eye! To begin with, each object that you’re shooting will differ in the settings that are required to capture it. I recommend using different settings and changing locations to get a different perspective. This was my first time light painting and I learned so much about the process and how to achieve it.

Tripod:  use a tripod
Manual Mode:  ISO 200; f/11;  30″
Focus:  With the lights on, use autofocus to lock focus, then turn lens focus to M.
Level:  Check to see if the camera is level. (tripod level as well)

Timer: Turn on your timer to 5 or 10 seconds and get in place.


Strokes:  Paint in strokes of light to show your scene.

Cool Light Painting Cool Light Painting Cool Light Painting

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