These five tips for portrait photography will help your photography look like a professional instead of a beginner!

Portrait photography is my favorite type of photography. You are able to focus on your model and being their personality into the picture. I took these portraits on a trip visiting Jackson Hole and the Tetons. During this journey, I created “5 Must-Know Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners” to help those who were in the same boat as me.

  1. First off, always bring a reflector. Even if you are shooting outside in the middle of the day, you still want the light to hit your subject to help bring out those fine details.
  2. Get familiar with your location. Find a spot where others aren’t shooting in. Make sure you are in a place that has enough light but won’t over expose your subject. If you are shooting outside, the best time to shoot is right after sunrise and right before sunset.
  3. Focus on the subjects eye. If you are up-close and personal, focus your camera on one of their eyes. To take the most stunning close up portraits, you’ll want to place emphasis on the eyes. This means making sure that the eyes are sharp and have a good amount of light reflecting on them.
  4. Use Props. Especially if you’re out in nature, make your subject look like they are hiking, camping or rock climbing. This is a unique way to capture a portrait. Bringing props in your portraits adds interest to your photos and gives the audience more things to look at, even better if the props are connected to your overall theme!
  5. Lastly, Try different settings and filters on my camera. If you’re shooting with a group of people using the same settings, you all will end up with portraits that look very similar. Play with your settings and changes the filters on your camera. Try the shade filter! This will help set you apart as a portrait photographer.

Check out some of my portrait photography from this excursion. Also check out “The Best Camera Settings for Portrait Photography” to help you better understand the settings on your camera for your portrait photography.

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