How to capture the best appetizer, dessert and main course dishes:

What is one thing that everyone loves and can’t live without? FOOD!

If you were to own a restaurant, you want pictures of your food that makes your future customer’s mouth water. You want your food photography to bring in your customers instead of drive them away.

Food Photography Example Dessert Photography Example Appetizer Example

Tips to Capture the BEST Food Photography:

  1. Stage your food with lighting to help bring out the colors and textures.
  2. Place your food in an appealing way.
  3. Along with lights, use water or thicker textures to make your product look more appealing.
  4. Get your photo from eye level, high and low levels.
  5. If it doesn’t catch your eye, switch up the background or add more to your product.

Breakfast Example Photography Dessert Example Chips and Salsa Product Photography Appetizer Example Photography

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