Motion Photography Examples, Spray Bottle Photography and Smoke Bomb Photography.

Have you ever wondered how you can capture an epic portrait? Smoke Bomb Photography is one way that will set you apart from other photographers. Smoke Bomb Photography is fun, creative and colorful! With Smoke Bomb Photography, you can have someone move the smoke around your model or you can have your model hold the smoke bomb and dance around! I love the different poses you can do with a smoke bomb and how you can capture a different perspective of portraits.

Smoke Bomb Photography Smoke Bomb Photography Smoke Bomb Photography Smoke Bomb Photography

How to Capture Motion Photography:

Motion Photography can be anything from streaming water to athletes playing on the field. Motion Photography is easier to capture if you have a tripod to help keep you camera steady while it’s capturing the motion. I wanted to capture motion photography in the Ricks Garden on Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Campus. This was fairly easy to capture, here are some tips that I used to help me capture my motion photography:

  1. Use a shutter speed of 1/15 of a second or slower.
  2. Use a low ISO setting. (depends on the time of day)
  3. Use a tripod.
  4. Use a neutral density filter in bright light.
  5. Use a fast shutter speed when you want to freeze the motion of a raging river.

Motion Photography Motion Photography

Motion Photography

Another aspect of Motion Photography is Spray Photography. Photographers use this technique to help their products look more desirable and more “live”. Spray Bottle Photography is very similar to Motion Photography. However, I did not use a tripod on my Spray Bottle Photography. Spray Bottle Photography requires a fast shutter speed so it can capture the movement of the water right as it exits the Spray Bottle. This was an awesome set up and I love this photo that I got while learning Spray Bottle Photography!

Spray Bottle Photography

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