Fine Art Prints

This past week, I had done something that I had never had the opportunity to do before. Have you ever walked around buildings, schools or office buildings and admired the art within those complexes?

I was able to print one of my best photos and hang it in the Communication building on Brigham Young University-Idaho! It’s a unique experience to hang your art in a beloved building on a popular campus.

Unedited, my photo looks quite lighter and doesn’t have as much detail. When editing this image and knowing I was going to print this, I needed to sharpen certain objects along with darken the wood and other elements on this photo. Adding more saturation and color will allow the photo to stand out and grab students attention as they are walking through the Spori.

How to Grow your art Business


How to Grow Your Art Business with Fine Art Prints

Edited photo

How to Grow your Art Business

Growing your business is one of the hardest challenges artists run into. From my experience, there are a couple things to do that can help you grow your art business.

  1. Be unique. Have content that makes you stand out from the other artists around you. Have different a perspective!
  2. Get as much experience as possible. Familiarize yourself with techniques and different types of art that you aren’t as skilled in.
  3. Lastly, share your art! Print your art and donate it so your work is shown. Grow your art business by simply putting yourself out there and sharing your best work!

Growing your art business can be done in many different ways. Sharing your Fine Art Prints ,or any of  your work, can help you gain confidence and help grow your art business!

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints