How to Edit Pictures on Photoshop

As I am just starting out, I have had to teach myself how to edit images on Photoshop. Sometimes when you’re shooting, you don’t notice small things that may throw your picture off like something in the background or someone in the side of your shot. Thank goodness for Photoshop! I learned how to edit pictures in Photoshop and it still is my preferred method of editing. I don’t like adding too much color to my images unlike other photographers. Once I get more experienced and comfortable, I will add more of my own “filter” to my photos. I like my photos to look as natural and nice as possible. Something close to what you eyes are able to see!

Before Editing on Photoshop

After editing on Photoshop

When I first start to edit, I make sure there isn’t anything I need to crop out. From there, I adjust the exposure and contrast. Each photograph is different and has different needs. From there, I adjust the colors to make it fit more of my desired look. I always sharpen the image once I am finished. Here are a couple of my BEFORE and AFTER shots that I edited in Photoshop.



This is one of my favorite edits that I have done thus far. I love the dark background and how the lights add to his composition. I decided to darken the background to keep the attention on my model. I sharpened his face so the subject stood out more to the audience as well.

How to Add a Texture to your Picture

Using Photoshop:

This is a task that is actually very easy to follow. I watched a video that explained how to do this on Youtube. The video link was and he provides man different links that can help you achieve this too!

As he explains, you can edit you picture and add a texture in four easy steps

  • First, drag the background onto your picture.
  • Second, find which “Blend Mode” looks the best in your Layers Panel.
  • From here, you may adjust the settings in the “adjustment” Panel. Enhance the texture!
  • Lastly, select your main objects and mask your object.

These are easy steps that can lead to an amazing picture. This is how you edit pictures and add a texture to your picture!

How to add a texture to a picture

How to add a texture to a picture

I used this texture from This is a free use website that has a lot of textures, backgrounds and pictures! I edited this picture with this texture on Photoshop as well.

Free Use Texture

One of my favorite photographers is Reagan Blake! She has the most beautiful senior and couple shots in the sand dunes, dessert and forrest. Her instagram is @reaganblakephotography and her website is