Male Poses and Portraits

Tips & Tricks on how to pose male models

Women are typically known to be more photogenic. However, when we had a studio shoot, I LOVED working with each and everyone of these males! Most of them had experience and posed themselves. Others, this was their first time. However, they each looked amazing. After my first studio shoot I came up with a list of tips and poses that can help your next photography studio shoot!


  • Get to know your models, make them feel comfortable.
  • Get them in their element, playing sports or working out.
  • Let them guide you with their poses at first to see what they are comfortable with.
  • Males are more serious so make them laugh or catch them being happy!

How to Pose Male Models

   Male Portrait Portrait of Male Model Male Model PortraitGroom Photography

Portrait Male Model

The best portraits are the ones of males being photogenic. Help your models feel comfortable and capture their “prince charming” side! I chose to have my models pose like this because it was more of their personal choice. Some were super comfortable choosing new stances! It was awesome working with all these models and experiencing how different they all were.


How to Poses Males Fitness Photography

One my my favorite photographers is Rebecca Greig. Here is a link to her site with great examples of Male Photography