Best Product Photography!   

Product Photography is one of my favorite types of photography. I love capturing my favorite items and making them look amazing, as if they were in an advertisement. Every time we look in a store catalog, there are varies pictures of products that a company is trying to convince you to buy. My favorite is when products, such as soda, have water dripping off them. This makes you crave a cold, fresh soda. Product Photography is so unique. You are able to capture objects outside in their element or inside with proper lighting. That’s what makes a product so unique! 

In this photo, you can’t help but crave that muffin! I think our generation is so focused on impressing others around us. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for self-improvement, but sometimes the best memories made are the ones when we forget about our insecurities. We forget about that comment our co-worker made. My grandma always says “it’s about the memories and not the calories” as she feeds us bowls of ice cream. 

This photo was taken inside with a macro lens. This was taken with natural light. The product was sitting on the floor of the cabin and I took this shot standing above it. I loved the outcome and the memories I have tied to this picture!