How to Pose Groups in Photography.

Catching your models personality and beauty can be challenging at first. From my experience, I felt more comfortable and confident in my skills when I built a relationship with my models. Not only was I able to ask them to try knew things, they were able to tell me what they were comfortable with and help me catch their best angles! I wrote down a couple tips that helped me capture these beautiful models!

Group Shot Poses Group Shot Portrait Bridals poses

The models I worked with were amazing and willing to try many poses! I love how these pictures ended up. Here are a couple of tips to help capture group photography.


  • Get to know your models, make them feel comfortable.
  • Help the couples feel comfortable.
  • Don’t be afraid to try knew poses.
  • Ask them what pictures they ideally want.
  • Have them wear outfits that compliments another.
  • Have them leave towards you.
  • Compliment the models.
  • Show them picture along the way so they can fix anything if they want!

Bridal Photography Couple Photography Couple Portraits

Working with groups of people can be difficult. However, when you get everyone posed correctly, the picture can turn out amazing! I chose to display these images because they were my favorite from this shoot. You can see the different personalities in each model. You can see how the models work together to great a beautiful group portrait.